American Airlines, up, up and away to Charlotte, North Carolina to head judge the IFBB & NPC Charlotte Europa Games Get Fit & Sports Expo. What an amazing blur of IFBB & NPC excitement for the last five weeks of Spring from Puerto Rico, Toronto, Chicago, back to Puerto Rico, New Orleans and then a return trip to the Windy City for a FIREWORKS of a record breaking 5th Annual IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Chicago Extravaganza National Qualifier. From the time the Elite Team crew of Tim Gardner Productions landed, they hit the ground running and executed a flawless ... Read More


Never would I have imagined there would be a word that I despised more to see on my training and prep programs than #CARDIO.. BUT once I began training as a REAL athlete instead of the typical “ Miss Cardio Queen” to my surprise I was WRONG ...
AGILITY has recently become the new “four letter” word for any avid athlete or workout weekend warrior for that matter. BUT I have to admit, now that I UNDERSTAND the purpose and function of this VERY VITAL component ... Read More